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Business aviation as a catalyst for change

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Business aviation boasts incredible technology and an impressive fleet of aircraft. But at its heart, Business Aviation is about people; enabling connections and providing efficient transport to locations that are often otherwise not easily or quickly reached.

While scheduled aviation spans much of the globe with its vast hub and spoke system, there are still many communities and small local airports unreachable by airline carriers. These areas may be sparsely populated or too far “off the beaten path” to justify the business case for a scheduled route.

Not so for Business aviation. Activating this dense web of connections is core to the sector. That’s where the idea of the EBAA ambassador programme was born.

More than meets the eye

Those of us who work in Business aviation consider the industry to be accessible, pioneering, desirable and indispensable. We recognise it improves connectivity across Europe, enables economic growth and helps yield efficiencies.

Some think Business aviation is about privately-owned or chartered planes. But it also covers government flights, flights for cargo, packaging or spare part shipments; and charter helicopters.

That’s not all. Business aviation also encompasses flights for the medical sector, support flights for disaster relief and operations in hostile areas, including dedicated work for NGOs.

Business aviation has always been a lifeline for communities, be it for medical transport or as a tool to help governments and businesses generate local economic development. As the COVID19 pandemic spread worldwide, Business aviation professionals jumped into action to fly stranded citizens back to their home countries, transport medical teams, airlift patients and ship medical supplies. In the face of heightened challenges such as airspace and airport closures, the industry rallied forces to support the global crisis

Setting the standard

These activities may well surprise many of those who haven't seen our industry up close.

However, whether it is flying necessary flights during the current crisis, or preparing the industry for the next one we know for sure that Business aviation as an industry has the ability to innovate, adapt and improve.

As faces of the industry EBAA ambassadors are setting the standard for these ever-changing and evolving changes. We see that, as many industries are redirecting their resources towards building a concrete roadmap for sustainable practices, attracting the next-generation and exerting a positive impact on society, EBAA ambassadors are taking leading steps to help the Business aviation industry move forward.

Reaching higher together

In a period marked by unprecedented challenges, supporting industry-wide initiatives is more important than ever. we look forward to working with our Ambassadors to enact that positive change towards wider industry objectives in the areas of regulations, public policy and the environment.




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