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JSSI: Supporting the Aircraft Life Cycle

From the first-time aircraft owner to the seasoned operator, JSSI today offers a suite of products and services to support every stage of the aircraft life cycle.

At the core of the growing portfolio of products and services offered by Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) is the company’s range of Hourly Cost Maintenance (HCM) programmes. The innovative financial tools are available for virtually all makes and models of business aircraft to stabilise maintenance budgets, enhance residual value, and reduce downtime for customers.

However, these maintenance programmes represent just one area JSSI supports within the aircraft life cycle.

“With decades of independent maintenance data and technical expertise, JSSI is uniquely positioned to deliver a collection of products and services to support owners and operators all the way from aircraft acquisition to part out,” says Neil Book, chairman and CEO of JSSI.

In recent years, JSSI has expanded its range of aircraft life cycle services through a series of strategic acquisitions, including the 2018 acquisition of aviation data experts Conklin & de Decker and, more recently, SierraTrax, a leader in maintenance tracking software. This latest move firmly positions the company at the centre of the aircraft maintenance tracking space.

According to Book, these strategic partnerships enable the company to simplify and optimise the entire maintenance experience for its owners and operators. “Their goal is to manage their aircraft safely and efficiently, our goal is to help them do both,” he says.

JSSI also offers a comprehensive range of aircraft advisory services, which includes everything from on-site and remote appraisals by an in-house team of accredited appraisers to technical advice, maintenance event management, and aircraft inspections. Additionally, the company’s parts and leasing business has over 38,000 aircraft parts in stock and a multitude of engines and APUs for sale or lease.

Going digital to drive data democratisation

Adding further value for existing HCM clients, JSSI now provides customers with complimentary access to the Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Operating Cost and Performance Guide. The digital comparison guide provides users with streamlined insight into various aircraft ownership and operating considerations, helping them understand and benchmark real-world annual and hourly operating costs and performance for over 500 makes and models.

“This is another example of our commitment to making data more easily accessible to our customers,” says Book. “Whether considering an aircraft acquisition, disposal, or benchmarking their existing aircraft’s cost and performance against alternatives, this guide allows our HCM clients to make data-based decisions and thoroughly assess ownership implications at no additional cost.”

The guide is available via the MyJSSI portal, which was recently enhanced to provide customers with easy access to the JSSI portfolio of products and services. Through the portal, users can submit online parts requests to JSSI Parts & Leasing; access additional Conklin & de Decker products and SierraTrax data; or request aircraft appraisals, asset inspections, and other consultations from JSSI Advisory Services. And now, thanks to a new collaboration with Avfuel Corporation, customers can also use the portal to offset their aircraft’s carbon emissions.

Announced last summer and promoted at NBAA-BACE, the offsetting initiative enables clients to evaluate and reduce their carbon footprint by estimating emissions through an online CO2 calculator. Based on this calculation, they can offset carbon emissions for their aircraft by purchasing credits when reporting monthly flight hours within MyJSSI.

“JSSI’s HCM clients represent approximately 10% of the world’s business aviation fleet,” notes Book. “By providing simple, easy to use tools that enable operators to offset their emissions, we can be part of the solution towards creating a more sustainable future.”

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