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GlobeAir and the business of time

More than on-demand charter flights at competitive rates, GlobeAir is all about maximising your time. To do that, it is embracing the latest technology, increasing its communication with clients and putting a focus on all things sustainable. The result: a growing customer portfolio.

Yes, GlobeAir is a leading private charter company specialising in short haul flights between some of Europe’s main metropolitan areas. And sure, they even own a fleet of 21 Cessna Citation Mustang jets that fly to 984 destinations in Europe. But make no mistake. GlobeAir isn’t in the business of selling on-demand charter flights at very competitive rates.

They’re in the business of time.

“Since our launch in 2007, GlobeAir has been in the business of selling time,” says Bernhard Fragner, the company’s CEO and Founder. “That’s because when you fly with GlobeAir, you gain flexibility and efficiency that add up to less time in transit and more time doing the things you love.”

Now, you can even pay for that time using cryptocurrencies! The company accepts such major currencies as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) on all bookings without charging any transaction fees. “We strive to make it easy for our customers to charter a private jet, and we believe in using digital innovation to make that happen,” adds Fragner.

The company made the decision after attending the Saint Moritz Crypto Finance Conference. “We were curious to see who would be in attendance,” explains Fragner. “When we got there, we saw our clientele in the audience, so we decided we needed to be in crypto.”

Today, GlobeAir is one of the conference’s leading sponsors and has already secured several loyal new customers because of their participation.

But this is just one example of how the company uses events and technology to increase brand awareness and client communication. “We are strong believers in having a vibrant communication strategy, which is why we are very active on social media, organise regular customer events and are always looking for new ways to stay in touch with current and potential clients,” says Fragner.

On this last point, GlobeAir was an early adopter of WhatsApp Business, having integrated it into its internal communication system. “Our clients really prefer this easy way of texting and confirming flights, and we continue to get more and more requests via WhatsApp,” adds Fragner.

Fragner credits this communication and outreach to GlobeAir being able to add new customers during the pandemic and allowing the company to substantially grow its turnover.

Welcoming newcomers to the world of business aviation

Who are these new customers? According to Fragner, many are newcomers to the world of business aviation. “They came to private aviation for the very practical reason that there weren’t a lot of other options for flying during the pandemic,” he says. “Others came because they wanted to lower their risk of infection and subsequent need to quarantine.”

Even with the pandemic waning and commercial flights increasing, these customers are still flying private. “It was never a matter of not having the money, and many of our charter flights are competitively priced against a business class ticket,” notes Fragner. “Pre-pandemic, they just never felt the need to explore business aviation, but now that they have, there’s no turning back.”

That being said, Fragner does caution that some of these new customers could see their businesses impacted by supply chain issues, inflation and recession. “These factors could cause some to cut costs, one of which may be chartering a business jet,” he says. “I’m optimistic, but we’ll have to wait and see how the economy plays out in the coming years.”

From suitcases and pets to sustainability and social responsibility

These new customers come with more than suitcases and pets, they also bring new ideas – ideas about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. “We regularly get asked about our sustainability and CSR commitments,” remarks Fragner. “We also field a lot of questions about sustainable aviation fuel.”

To answer these questions and concerns, GlobeAir offers their customers a carbon offset programme that offsets emissions by planting trees. Currently, approximately 20% of the company’s volume is offset. As to sustainable aviation fuel, Fragner says it’s about educating customers on what SAF is, why it is safe and how it can be used.

But at GlobeAir, sustainability goes beyond jet fuel and emissions. “We take a holistic approach that looks at everything, from how much paper we use to whether we can electrify our vehicle fleet,” explains Fragner. “We know we can’t change everything at once, but we have a roadmap that, step-by-step, will lead us to real change.”

The company is also dedicated to giving back and to helping others. “We have a young team who is passionate about charity work," says Fragner. "For us, helping others is not only the right thing to do, but also an excellent, fun and always rewarding way for our team to work together.”

This commitment to sustainability and society is an excellent way to further brand the company, both as an employer looking to attract new talent and to new clients looking for a service provider whose ideals line-up with their own. “We not only take care of our business and profit, we also give back to society, protect the environment, and care for our people – that’s the GlobeAir way,” concludes Fragner.

Want to know more about GlobeAir? Visit their profile here.



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